2 spare brushes for Die cleaning brush DCB001
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2149H Snijliniaal met metalen strip 30cm
3D schaartje 3D scissors
3d schaartje met bescherming kapje.
5 spareblades for cutting knife
cutting knife CFK001
BLADE001 blade for ROCUT001 Roller cutter "straight"
BLADE002 blade for ROCUT001 Roller cutter "perforating"
BLADE003 blade for ROCUT001 Roller cutter "scoring"
BLADE004 blade for ROCUT001 Roller cutter "pinking"
BLADE005 blade for ROCUT001 Roller cutter "scallop"
BLADE006 blade for ROCUT001 Roller cutter "victorian"
CROC002 Crocodile tool set met 50 pompoms
Cutting knife with 5 spareblades
DCB001 Die cleaning brush & foampad DCB001
Die Cleaning tool DCT001
Embossing tool (hout) 0,8-1mm
Embossing tool (hout) 1,2-1,8mm
Embossing tool (hout) 2,4-2,8mm
Embossing tool 6-8mm ball
6 and 8 mm ø bal
FOT001 Folding Tool
LED001, Light table,(3 brightn. levels) Europ. plug
MAG002 Magnetic sheet 0.3 mm A4 size
1 sheet
MAGM001 Magnetic Ruler set A4 (Mat+ruler+magnets)
Nellie's Choice XL metal Papercutter with slider (metric-scale)
Nellie's Special border ruler (for making 2,5; 3,0; 3,5 and 5mm borders)
pick-up tool for card making
pooky tool 2 pc
PIT001 Piercing tool Prikpen
Prikpen met zeer fijne punt. Piercing tool extra fine point.
PIT002 Piercing tool "fine point" 0,95mm
PIT003 Piercing tool medium point 1,25mm
POM501 Mini pompoms 5mm wit 100 stuks
PSB001 (Glitter)poeder Spray flesje 20 ml 1 pcs
PSB001 Powder spray 20 ml. 1 pcs
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PSB002 (Glitter)poeder Spray bottle 14 ml. 1 pcs/pkg
Reservemesjes voor hobbymes groot TAK01
10 mesjes 10 Spareblades
Reservemesjes voor hobbymes klein TCK01
Spareblades TCK10
STRIP001 spare cuttingstrip for ROCUT001 Roller cutter 31cm
TAk01 Hobbymesje   reservemesjes groot
TCK01 Hobbymesje   reservemesjes klein
Transparent cutting mat self healing A4
Transparent selfhealing cutting mat A2
Transparent selfhealing cutting mat A3
Tweezers curved point PINS002
Tweezers curved point 12,7 cm
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Tweezers curved point TS-15
11 cm
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Tweezers straight, sharp point TS-12
11 cm
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UGB001 Glue applicator
 Ultrafine tip glue-applicator 0,5 oz. 1 pcs
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