LCDPA001 Layered combi dies "Easter"Layer A 101x66mm
LCSL001 Set of 3 Layered combi stencils "Nature scene-1" 13,5x13,5cm
LCSL002 Set of 3 Layered combi stencils "Nature scene-2" 13,5x13,5cm
LCSM001 Set of 3 Layered combi stencils "Mandala-1" 13,5x13,5cm
LCSM002 Set of 3 Layered combi stencils "Mandala-2" 13,5x13,5cm
MFD139 Multi Frame Dies "Slim lines-circles" 87,5x212,5mm
MFD140 Multi Frame Dies "Slim lines-squares" 87,5x212,5mm
SD186 Shape Dies "collection of hares-1" approx. 26x32mm (9 pcs)
SD187 Shape Dies "collection of hares-2" approx. 26x32mm (9 pcs)
SD188 Shape Dies "Easter wreath" 102x102mm
SD189 Shape Dies "4 Easter eggs" 57x83mm (4 pcs)
SD190 Shape Dies "Easter egg border" 154x34mm
SD191 Shape Dies "Set of flowers & leaves" 34x25mm. 24 pcs
SD192 Shape Dies "Set-up spring scene" 103x92mm.
SD193 Shape Dies "Build-up flower basket " 70x58mm
SD194 Shape Dies "Build-up egg-transport" 86x78mm
SD195 Shape Dies "Build-up Macho hare" 32x60mm
VS-000-011 VersaColor inkpad (small) Canary
VS-000-012 VersaColor inkpad (small) Marygold
VS-000-013 VersaColor inkpad (small) Orange
WPD014 Wrapping Dies giftbox-14 "Eggcup" 118x115mm
WPD015 Wrapping Dies giftbox-15 "Easter box" 135x115mm
WPD016 Wrapping Dies giftbox-15 "Easter basket" 146x146mm
WPD017 Wrapping Dies giftbox-17 "Cross box" 147x125mm and 112x112mm